Pray For Me – 1

Just pray for me,
A Joker In Need
Going Through Things Which You Can’t See;
My Distress Needs Healing.

I know that I could probably go through this alone
but that is the thing right?
The fact that it is just one person;
So how can I stay in the light?

Every person…one or two,
needs a form of support every now and then;
The one who is alone has it the worst
because ‘Relying On The Self Is All That He Can Do’.

– Joker Star


A Joker’s Reflection – 4

Do I want to explain
to others about being ‘A Joker’
in my own right?
Would that make everything alright?
it does not
matter at all
as long as I am
successful and happy
and also true to myself
that is all that matters to me.
No one can truly know why I would be a ‘Joker’
unless they can look inside me deep down
and see why I would wear such a crown
and be nothing else but a clown.

– Joker Star

A Joker’s Reflection – 3

Do I Want To Be ‘Loving’?
Do I Want To Be ‘Smiling’?
Do I Want To Be ‘Forgiving’?
Above All…It Is Actually To Be ‘Laughing’.

It is not in a crazy…maniacal sense
but in a sense that comprises of Love
as well as Smiles and Laughter;
Something That Brings People Together.

– Joker Star

A Joker’s Reflection – 2

No matter the situation is,
When I look at my own picture,
I feel very ‘calm’
like I am looking at something ‘pure’.

Perhaps, it is because I am looking at ‘my soul’;
Not myself as a person
but a being that exists with ‘a purpose’
going whichever way it could in order to reach its goal.

– Joker Star