A Joker’s Love – My Heart

It is difficult
to pour out my heart;
Let alone to another person,
because one true reason
which is something that is once betrayed,
would bring an extreme form of hurt.

Of course it is easily cured by forgiveness
to the self, the other, and the situation;
I know…but I might not truly be there yet;
At least I have clarity and patience
to get there
because I know that I will;
A state where I will be still;
experiencing that peace
the completion of the word…FORGIVE.

It is a journey, so I am not forcing
and I could focus on it
but it is not a priority
but some goal that I will reach in my path of living.

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – My Eyes

I could see…but not clearly
because I might need glasses;
I could feel…but not everything
because I might need Loving-Kindness.

My Vision and Yours and Everyone’s Vision,
It is different due to our varied life and motivation
as well as out faith, perceptions, and motivation
so I would rather see things clearly
and at the same time…positively
and maintain a strong sense of…wisdom and stability.

Wisdom teaches many things
and allows people to spread their wings;
Health and Stability are important
because at least…we could stand in the face of everything.

Stand Strong…with Good Faith;
Live Long…with Wisdom and Goodwill;
All In The Rule of ‘No Kill’;
Be Kind…Even To Those Who Fell From The Hill.

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Another Wish

I wish for something better;
A better involvement
where I would be free of misconceptions;
where I would be accepted…truly;
where I would be myself…freely;
where I would not have to pretend…desperately.

Honestly, some things I did
even though I would never actually do it
but I am sure that those who were there know the truth
that I didn’t mean it…that I didn’t want to get hit.
Well, not ‘hit’ in a sense of getting beaten up
but in a sense of things getting bad in an unwanted direction,
So I follow, I follow, and I follow
like a person who couldn’t see what might lie tomorrow.

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Phase 8

Could you trust me?
Would you?
Well, there is no rule in regards to that
but it is true
that TRUST is something that is needed to be earned.

Like A Goal,
We work hard to achieve it
and treasure it once it is in our grasp
because it is precious…liks GOLD.

Would I want to be in a place where no one trusts me?
The answer is…no
but there are always times when it is unavoidable
but what I would say is this…that as long as we are capable
to do what is necessary…so, we keep doing them;
Keep doing what we need to do…and all will go well
and things like trust or truth or even faith…only time will tell
because we are not being idle
because we are not being invisible
because we still exist and walk among people
among LIFE.

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Phase 7

If there is anything…ask me directly;
That is the truth that I have realized
after knowing that I have said something to someone
but different information was given to others;
For Why?
Isn’t That A Lie?

Right now, it is not worth to think of it;
In thoughts and in reflections,
I see people who focus on thoughts which are negative
such as after a little mistake,
wanting to go on an endless hunt
for another person’s mistake…that is their take.

I noticed many obstacles, as in many issues
clouding the capability to believe in the good;
Perhaps the faith in God or in ‘Positive Thinking’ isn’t strong
and that answers my own question of “What Went Wrong?”

Why can’t one focuses on good things?
Why can’t one focuses on good intentions?
Why can’t one focuses on good motivation, thoughts, and inspirations?
Why can’t one…focuses on LIGHT?

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Phase 6

Perhaps it is a thing of within
that disables a person from believing in the good
in others;
Surely, there is at least a clue or even a hint
of a person being good, and not like a stealer of food
and he then…suffers.

All as a result of a misunderstanding
that increases and magnifies
and the hearts which are not wanting to be opened
causing many things to be sinking…rather than positively rising.

I am saying because in a way…I Lived It
but I am not expressing because I sensed that no one
actually wanting to believe in the goodness of others
for using words of harm and negativity freely;
for spreading things which are untrue and unnecessary,
I Forgive but Somehow I Am Still There
knowing that they are not ready.

I Look At The Virtues That People Express
and it shocks me when I see that they portray the opposites;
Usually for such people, I only stay
when they have truly changed…and nothing less.

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Phase 5

Relationships Can Be A Fragile Thing
but which is it really?
The Base…The Foundation;
In A Workplace…It Is ‘Work Completion Skills’
which is the capability to complete work tasks successfully
for when such things are impossible,
relationships with the people there becomes…unspeakable.

I guess that could mean that the base for different relationships differ
like people in a family…it is family matters and unity among family members
but the actual base or foundation…is…LOVE,
but it has somehow became forgotten
and things get…worse.

All of such things may be better for the sake of knowledge
for knowing those specific things and the differences among them
but we all have many things to do, to maintain, and to fulfill
and to believe in a simple thing as LOVE…is the easiest form of GOODWILL.

– Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Phase 4

I watched a bit of a Superhero Scene
and I saw like a vision of myself in it
wearing The Costume of The Joker
but I didn’t see myself clearly…but I know
I felt that it was me
like a good person…knowingly
the things to do and the things to be
and not about being funny
but that…true sense of identity
perhaps, it is a symbolic vision
like knowing one’s true purpose and mission
and then, motivation
and to also…live without all that do not serve that.

I admit…I watch videos of The Joker every day
because it is something that I associated myself with
and certain characteristics (positive) that I somehow radiate from it
like a favourite superhero, role model, or idol…a huge part of the way I live.

It is quite and individual thing
as every person has his or her favourite character
someone to look up to…and if not a real live person,
at least…A Character That Lives On In The Heart…forever.

Bright Blessings,
Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Phase 3

Why find other different things
like trying out different kinds of wings
like A Butterfly
or A Bird
or A Moth
or An Eagle
because they are all unique and beautiful
in their own way of creation…wonderful.

We are in our own way…and in our own path
and in our own mind and heart…we laugh
in ways which are unique to ourselves
like our voice and our tone
but it does not mean that we are alone
but just that we are special
in our own way
and for what I have to say
is that…just like many things in existence,
There are food and drinks
but in various forms all over the world
but are we to be like that…or in a specific way of life?

It is not a form of restriction
but a form of knowing and identity
for the things we do that lead us to what we are to be
and just like many good things in this world;
Are we to use all of them…or just one and stay true
and stay loyal to it?

At least by staying true and loyal…it shows
that we have our own thing
our own unique form of life
like specific clothing and style of walking
because otherwise…it is like we are floating
missing something
trying everything
until we find what we are looking for
or we won’t truly be standing up on this floor.

Bright Blessings,
Joker Green

A Joker’s Love – Past’s Self Was Better

I remember…last year
at some sport events,
I joined and danced without fear,
Oh, that’s right…what’s the difference?
It is…at that time,
I was fully focused on Being A Joker
and not being anything else
as well as The Virtues of Love and Laughter
and it was like being free.

Truly, has nothing to do with the current situations
or even with the people that I have to be involved with
but remembering…I was different as in…better
in the sense of…much happier
with myself…and the things I do.

I guess it has to do with…feeling like actually free
and in a way…not being judged
in a way that might not even be true
but right now, I have to
with the current involvements
but at least here,
although it may seem personal,
at least certain things are clear
which makes being here…and certain other sites
to be places which I hold dear.

In places and situations where I could be free…and be me,
Well, I know it is not a fantasy
because it happened before;
and I know that I need to remember what they are
and embrace…and hope, and pray…that it will happen again
and even if I do not…I know that someday, it is something that I will gain.

I know that none of us choose to be in such a state
to not be able to be ourselves
but the places and the people who make us to be who we really are,
I guess…let’s treasure them, and have them…and create…that
kind of life
so we would truly feel alive
with each other.

Bright Blessings, Love, and Hope,
Joker Green