The Wall I Am Breaking

I am not punching the wall
that is being my obstacle
just so I could move forward in life
and instead…I created ‘A Ball’
made of ‘Electrical Energy’
and I blast right through it
and ‘Light Comes Through’
and I finally could be…me.

– Joker Wood

The Call

If a person is not around anymore;
If the memories are gone,
It isn’t the time to mourn and live in the past
but to know that there is the reason to want more
to be more serious
to be more disciplined
to be much stronger
to be much wiser
to have integrity
to be better
to know…that even people don’t last forever,
So…Stand Strong…Always.

– Joker Wood


Why do I need it?
I have those I want to protect
and I want to live a life without any regret.

I need it just as much as anyone
because it gives meaning and light towards life
and it gives me a reason to want to live and survive.

– Joker Wood


I move my fingers a little
when I realize that I am waking up
but I can feel that somehow my heart
is frozen from that…coma.

My frozen heart is gradually defrosting
and I can move my hands
and other parts of my body
and…The Lightning is ‘Striking’.

I woke up…in the middle of the night
raining so heavy
sweating too much
everything is ‘Cold To The Touch’.

– Joker Wood


I was sleeping again
due to a drug
a poisonous flower
that made me to lose my willpower.

I woke up at a chance of light
giving me another chance to fight
and the first thing to do is to discover
all the changes that have happened.

– Joker Wood