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Timeless Place – 5

Ya know what is ‘Timeless Place’?
It is a picture of A Memorable and Happy Place For Us
especially with People Whom We Love
so when we go there and remember
we would experience Happiness, Peace, and Positivity again;
Even For A While, We Get What We Need To Rise Beyond Something…like ‘Pain’.

– Joker Green

The World That I See – 6

There is someone that suddenly came to my mind right now
because he was once someone whom I held so dear
but most likely…he doesn’t belong in Joker Town
but in another part of this world that stays to turn around.

I do not know in specifics
but this is just a sudden feeling about him
and I can honestly say that different people
belong in different places
but they are capable
and they will…grow and be positive
and be delightful and full of goodwill
and a strong sense of Divine Faith and The Hope To Live.

– Joker Green

The World That I See – 5

Joker Town…is one part of This World That I See
and Where I Live and Belong…Is In Joker Town
because for The Clowns and The Jokers
as well as Those Believing In Love and Light and Laughter
They Live There…as it relates to their nature
and their way of life…the saying of ‘belonging here’
and this is their home…and their people…which is truly clear
to them…and to everyone whom they hold dear.

– Joker Green