Poetry In Sleep – Laughter

Funny…words heard even during sleep;
They sink in as far as The Depth of The Sea;
Yet, smile managed to appear…on the face
in response to such words…even without being able to see.

Laughter still…while sleeping,
Dreams influenced by funny words;
Words from surrounding;
Happiness shows despite still in the state of sleep.

With Love and Laughter,


Poetry In Sleep – City of Dreams

Creatures and Funny People
Living Together and With Each Other
Within A Realm of Dreams
Coexisting as An Inspiring Universe of Wonder.

Art on every wall;
Buildings of short and tall;
People of blue, red, and pink
show smiles, giggles, and a wink.

It is easy;
At times…it is funny;
Like all things,
More Love…More Lively.

Lots of Love and Happiness To All,

Poetry In Sleep – Forest of Dreams


A forest that only exists in dreams;
Painted in pictures by dreamers;
Sparkles and Glitters in the night;
Breezing and Swaying in the day.

A forest that centers around a huge tree;
Tree of Life…Tree of Dreams…Tree of Light
bringing and attracting dreamers for inspirations and wisdom;
At the same time…a place for those wanting to run free.

With Love and Light,

Poetry In Sleep – Beauty

A person’s beauty in sleep
shows a different side,
A side that is motionless;
A side that is preserved through being asleep.

It is beautiful
watching a person sleeping;
A picture or a sketch
shows a state that is truly calming.

With Love and Awe,